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4 Discord Music Bot commands you need to know

To learn more about the Discord Music bot controls, read the full article on how to use them properly. We first know the Discord application, what are its functions and for which it is best known. Discord is a proprietary freemium chat room program compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, IOS, and Android. Make no mistake with the words “freemium owner”. The word freemium is an amalgamation of two simple terms, “free” and “premium”, it refers to the generality by which essential services are granted free of charge. However, you are required to pay a fee to get additional premium services and features.

By proprietary software, we do not mean free software or closed source software, in which the publisher of a software or any other person retains some of your license rights to modify, share, modify, use or share a software. So with this information we learned that it is not a free app like a lot of other entertaining apps. A Discord server incorporates both text and voice channels used in real time and for sharing other aspects of media among members of that server.

Discord began to solve a huge dilemma of connecting and communicating with fellow students while playing their favorite game. Do you also like Stan Vishnevsky and Jason Citron, founders of the Discord app? Did they both describe the affection and the incredible bond that comes when we play video games with our friends?

They have both developed this app to a new level; you can download gif profile pictures using your mind’s art style, chat with friends while playing music on it. These are the main features that made this app more interesting because you can play music while chatting; it has special music bot controls which you can use to play any music you want while making a call on it or chatting.

Introducing Music Bots to Discord

Here is a little introduction; a “bot” abbreviation for the robot, is a software program that performs automated, repetitive and pre-explained tasks. Bots generally describe or replace the behavior of human users. Because they are automated, they work much faster than human beings.

Music bots are designed to apply music while chatting or playing games on Discord. This is one of the innovative methods of its founder; people all over the world have shown so much love and affection to this online application. The Discord app was really crazy about letting friends connect with each other while joining in on their favorite activity. It included music bot controls in the app to make it more interesting. Discord making it easier to join the conversation, jumped around voice, video chat, and text, and some music advancement.

Using Music bot in Discord

It seemed a bit complicated for new users to figure out how to add a music bot in Discord. But there is nothing to worry about. We have a key to fixing this problem. Usually, putting a music bot in Discord goes like this:

Build a server in your Discord with the “+” character.

Name the server and your region.

  • Go to the bot’s website and click on the “invite” or “add” button.
  • Log into your discord account if you are logged out.
  • Choose a server for your music bot, pass the confirmation, and that’s it!
  • Playing music during a call on Discord:
  • To add music to your Discord calls, what you need to do is you can set up a bot named “Groovy”. Here are some simple steps to follow:
  • Go to the Groovy. Bot and click the purple “Add to Discord” button.
  • Select a server, press “Allow” and examine the
  • “I am not a robot” box.
  • Join a voice channel and tell Groovy what song you want the bot to play with the “play” command. For example, you can say “play Justin Bieber baby”.

With this simple procedure, you will be able to play music during your call on Discord. While the technology this app tried out might be a bit complicated, their goal was quite simple: to make it the huge platform where people easily communicate and connect with loved ones, friends, and comrades.

The role of the music bot on Discord

A discord music bot provides a path for many partners on a server to listen to the same song / music simultaneously. Discord Music bots can find songs on YouTube, Spotify, or other programs and play them on the voice channel. “Bots” this term is not really something new to you. Law? Bots are basically useful programs that simplify so many chores of chatting from digital stores etc.

Incredibly, there is no doubt that we all love musical robots. These API-connected guys can play songs, load royalty-free music, search for poems, even suggest music by mood, and work with audio recordings. These bots are genuine so give them the first try if you haven’t encountered them yet.

Top Five Music Bots on Discord

Five main bots are frequently used by Discord users with different characteristics and are useful in many ways.

1. 24/7

According to its name, this same bot handles music from dawn to dusk. You can start the selected songs, attach any YouTube live video, or start a radio stream. How convenient is its configuration! As we draw it towards, it’s a free version which is already pretty cool. But it’s the premium version which costs $ 2.47 per month; you can have YouTube controls, playlists, volume control and improved quality.

24/7 Discord Bot

2. Boat Fred

Fred Boat is full of great attributes. It subsidizes streams from various sites as well as direct links. It works with YouTube and Sound Cloud playlists with endless research on these strategies.

3. Groovy

Now go to Groovy; this method is well known for its durability. This same method offers you to broadcast music, to check ballads, allows the brewing. But this is not a free version; its premium version starts from $ 3.99 per month with the ability to add volume controls, audio effects, 24/7 streaming.

4. Rhythm

Its tasks are quite similar to the previous bots. It can stream songs, authorize playlists, align music, set user roles. Rhythm discovers the lyrics of active songs and shows these lyrics. This is a free bot version and is active on over 5 million servers.

5. Veteran

This same bot supports countless options, lyrics and many more commands. It is available in 15 languages. The premium version costs $ 3 per month and expands high integrity voice servers as well as Spotify integration.

Most popular music controls on Discord:

Order The description
; read url Play music from given URLs
; listing View the list of current songs on playlists.
; Now Playing Displays the song currently playing.
; to jump skip current songs

How to Play Music in Discord on iPhone

The MEE6 bot is a great selection for playing music in Discord on iPhone. You need to follow a few steps to do it,

  1. First, you need to go to the MEE6 website and log into your Discord account.
  2. Authorize the bot to enter your account.
  3. Choose the server to which you want to add the hot.
  4. Tap “Plugins” and tap “Music”. If this function was previously disabled, press “Add”.
  5. Launch Discord and join a voice channel.
  6. Type “search” and enter the song or artist. The bot will show you the results.
  7. Type play to start listening to the music.


In short, this article gives you all the information you need to know about music, not the controls on Discord. Discord has turned the gaming app into a bliss that you can savor by playing music while chatting or on calls.

  • This article summarizes the authentic way to apply music, not commands.
  • It provides knowledge of bots and various uses of bots.
  • It helps you make the first attempt to apply a music bot on Discord.

In short, the discord music bot controls entertain the users of throwing in various ways and also make the app more entertaining while you enjoy your favorite songs in calls or group chats.

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