Jacqueline edeling

A street in Minneapolis will be renamed in honor of musical icon Prince

The Minneapolis Planning Commission has approved a proposal to rename a street after musical icon, Prince. In a unanimous vote, the request made by the Town Center Council is about to materialize.

Prince Rogers Nelson was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and comes from a family with deep musical roots. His father, John Nelson, operated under the stage name Prince Rogers as a jazz pianist. His mother, Mattie Nelson, was a singer.

A memorial sign will be added on First Avenue North in the downtown district. The boulevard runs just along the frontage of First Avenue, the club which gained notoriety after playing in the musician’s famous band purple rain movie and album.

The new street, “Prince Rogers Nelson Way”, is now awaiting final approval from the City Council before being officially amended. We expect it to pass.

This news comes months before reports earlier this year the late music icon’s estate ended a long battle with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) over his intestate death. His entire estate, including his song catalog, was determined to be valued at $156.4 million, double the amount of an earlier valuation of $82.3 million.

The remaining heirs to the estate include three of his siblings, as well as the publishing company Primary Wave which acquired the rights to Prince’s catalog from three other heirs. Two have since died.

“It’s been six long years,” said L Londell McMillan, the lawyer representing the three heirs, at the time.

In 2016, the world almost stopped when news broke that the “Red Corvette” crooner had passed away. His cause of death was later determined to be an accidental opioid overdose. He was then only 57 years old.