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ABM Suge is about making music and money in Montgomery

Jason Lewis, aka ABM Suge, is a highly motivated artist from Montgomery.

“I would say I was motivated to make money,” Lewis said. “I am an entrepreneur.”

It’s an attitude that is reflected in his music. One of his latest projects this year is the “All I See is Money” mixtape, featuring himself, DJ DNA and several featured artists. Available on online platforms like Apple Music, it features songs like “Represent the Hood”, “Numbers”, “Money Long” and “Thinking Dollar Signs”.

This year he also released the EP “From Mudd to Gold”, also available on digital platforms.

“Believe in what you can do. Have faith in it,” Lewis said.

Lewis, who grew up in the western part of Montgomery, is a man of many talents and professions. ABM stands for Alabama Black Market, and it has New Souf Inc. and ABM Count Up LLC. It is basically a one stop shop for entertainment and more.

“I work everyday, I run my own business,” he said. “In 2007 I got serious with it. I started my label at the time called Alabama All Stars.”

In addition to rap, he takes care of the management and promotion of music, makes t-shirts and owns the Kut Above Barber Shop and a car wash at 504 Buckingham Drive, Montgomery.

“I have a filming company that we are working on,” he said. “I’m a really busy man trying to pump it up.”

He even wrote and produced an upcoming film. Seriously. His name is “Son of the Candy Lady”.

In addition to working with emerging artists, Lewis said he wanted to help local youth and give them a degree on the move.

“Avoid the negative and attract the positive,” Lewis said. “Make money. Start a business. You can do whatever you want. Instead of teaching them how to kill and sell drugs, they can get rich without the drug gang.”

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