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Airpods 3, what to do apart from listening to music

It’s expensive AirPod 3, but not much more than previous generations, which were among the best-selling products in the Apple lineup. Some may legitimately wonder how an item can be so much more expensive than most of the competition. I appreciate that public. The AirPods 3 and previous generations are a product with strong intelligent attitudes, capable of good listening but capable of more and more. Just try them out for a few days to find that it’s best to combine it with an iPhone or Apple product to get the best they can offer. Here are some secrets AirPod 3, A handful of Tips and tricks To bring out the best possible experience.

Ask Siri to read messages and notifications

Among the “magic” of AirPods when they are linked to an Apple product, there is the possibility of Read incoming messages automaticallywithout the user having to move their finger. A very handy option when you are outdoors and don’t want to pull out your phone or have your hands full.

Auto-read messages is on by default, but it might bother someone.

No problem, because you can turn it off by going up Settings, Siri and Search NOT. Read notifications aloudFrom there the item is selected messages From the list of applications, you can turn playback on or off while working on the item Read notifications aloud. Likewise, you can Activate or deactivate The Automatically read notifications It was created by any other application installed on the iPhone.

Ask Siri to announce the caller

In the same list Siri and search We saw above that there is another interesting element, which is Read the name of the caller. This is still a very big advantage Clever, Because it allows you to receive audio alert when you receive a call with The name of the person looking for usAnd, in the menu, you can set whether Siri should always do it, not at all, only when the AirPods are worn or when the iPhone is connected to the in-car entertainment system.

Share a call

airpodsNot everyone knows it with AirPod 3 And previous generations are possible Share a phone call with another person. Just let go of the headset, remembering that while there is a microphone for the headset, the AirPods only use one to record sound from the headset, so one of the two He can only listen to the conversation. NOT. hypothetical He is responsible for choosing the microphone to use chip H1 of AirPods, but you can force the choice by climbing settings, bluetooth, Click on the “i” to the right of the AirPods and finally on the item microphone.

Pair them with Android devices

airpodsAnyone familiar with Apple’s notorious inflexibility and the “shutdown” of ecosystem products to other Apple products, would find it hard to believe, and yet it’s true: AirPod 3, Like the previous one, they can also communicate with Non-Apple ProductsTherefore, Android smartphones and tablets as well as Windows PCs. And this is perhaps one of the secrets that determined the commercial success of AirPods around the world.

to use the AirPod 3 With non-Apple products, you first need to make sure that both headphones are inside the charging case, open the cover and press the small button on the back of the case until that the small LED between the two earphones starts blinking white.

At this point, the AirPods 3 are in pairing mode and will be visible to any product that searches for them via Bluetooth, even Android devices, computers, or TVs.

You have to say it while doing it Some jobs have been abandoned Which AirPods 3 show on Apple devices: For example, you can’t call the voice assistant, or they won’t stop playing content when you take it out of the ear. But they work perfectly even outside the Apple ecosystem, and for an Apple product that’s new.

Find it once lost

airpodsThe AirPod 3 These are smaller headphones than previous generations, and while the new shape has a positive impact on wearing comfort, it has a negative impact on the potential to lose it: now Losing one is easier. Fortunately, the app exists or from Apple.

By associating your AirPods 3 with your Apple ID, through the Where is app, you can always view the last detected position of your AirPods.

Unfortunately, this is not the situation in real time, but it is still useful to have a chance to find them. Alternatively, it can be re-ordered through the app or, Hear” Play a sound, as long as they stay nearby and are therefore accessible via Bluetooth, and at least one is charged and out of the charging case. You can try it out by opening the app and choosing AirPods from the tab devices, Which includes those associated with your Apple ID, and finally tapping on the item Ring it.

Listen to podcasts with just one headset

airpodsIt is not always possible to keep two headphones in your ears because you may be busy doing something else, or one of them may have died. No problem, however, because a file AirPod 3 they can used individually. And if this is not a novelty, perhaps it is the fact that if you only wear one earphone, the sound remains stereo, as long as the other is switched off, that is to say s ‘it “sits” inside the case. So you can listen to music or a file audio notation In stereo mode without losing part of the listening.

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