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Alison Sudol shares complex new song and video “Peaches”

Alison Sudol shares complex new song and video

Alison Sudol keeps the dream alive in new single “Peaches” accompanied by visuals themed around 90s home videos. Daisies in the sun and hot bubble baths shot on VHS tapes give a warm sense of place and we remind you that summer is fast approaching. “I can’t get enough of this love,” she sings softly, “So sweet it hurts.” On first listen, you might think she is speaking softly of a lover, but the visuals depict a mother’s soothing love for her child.

Natural shots of trees and sunbeams parallel the soft tone of Sudol’s cadence and highlight his steady sustain skills in the alto range. Alison gets personal, and in the end, she’s rewarding not just for the fans, but for the song’s airy, misty cymbals and acoustic strings. It’s a nod to other nostalgic tracks like “The Runner” from his EP Moonlite.

Released before theatrical release Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secretsin which Alison reprises her role as Queenie Goldstein, and ahead of her upcoming opening dates with Goldfrapp at London’s Royal Festival Hall on April 14 and 15, “Peaches” is the first single from her upcoming album.

“We created the base for ‘Peaches’ in the studio in Wales, sitting in the sun during an insane heatwave, looking out over fields of sheep,” says Alison. She reveals; “The frame of the song came almost immediately but the words were slow. Several months later, with a record almost complete, ‘Peaches’ still had no lyrics. My partner and I were talking about trying to have a child again after our loss. I kept dreaming of this little girl. The dreams were so vivid, so real it was like she was right there, but I had no idea if I could deliver a child. The dreams made me want her so badly that it was dizzying, but painful too, knowing it might never happen. The lyrics finally came. Three weeks later, our daughter was conceived. – a beautiful song and a miracle in one.