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Angela Bassett’s twins impress with their vocals singing together in their first music video

Iconic singer Angela Bassett has successfully passed her artistic genes on to her twins, son, Slater, and daughter, Bronwyn Vance, and they’re making waves with it! Watch how they seduced thousands of people with their angelic voices.

Angela Bassett has been in the entertainment industry for a long time; she is a renowned actress, producer and director whose works are widely accepted.

Besides her acting prowess and ability to make blockbuster movies, she is also an ageless beauty with an inspiring appearance and fantastic sartorial sense.

The lovely goddess of cinema is the mother of two children, twins, born in 2006 who have inherited her artistic genes. She has been married to the father of her children, Courtney B. Vance for over ten years.

The kids have grown to love music and they recently released their first album at the age of 15, flaunting their impressive musical skills.

A few hours ago, Bassett proudly confirmed that his babies are making a difference in the music industry by contributing with their angelic voices, lyrical content and rap skills.

The mother of two has shared several positions; the first was a video where her children sang, rapped and swayed to the beat of the melody.

Her young rapper son decked out in a white crew neck, matching shoes and jeans, while his sister opted for a gray hooded top, over free-legged pants and a cap. Bassett’s legend said:

“My twins are working together to create some great # Journey2Forever OUT NOW music on all streaming platforms! #ProudMama.”

Hours later, she shared another jaw-dropping update on her kids with a longer detail honoring their music. She urged fans to go listen to the album.

The actress’ latest upload was a photo of her son in front of a microphone, with headphones around his head. For the caption, she joked:

“So proud of you my talented, handsome and prolific son … This album is a fire! Hard work pays off !!”

Her children were also excited about their most recent project. Slater posted a copy of the album cover, with his face on it on his page. He added the words:

“Journey 2 Forever – Album released … 15 years and aiming for the stars, stick around and see me hit the mark.”

Bassett commented on his son’s post, hastily acknowledging it was his. However, more comments were recorded when Bassett shared his post with fans who liked him and spoke out. Many agreed that children are exceptionally talented.


The answer is yes! They certainly did, and thousands of fans wrote their thoughts in the comments section. Some congratulated the happy mother on the new achievement of her children, others focused on the young stars. One fan wrote:

“They look amazing congratulations.”

Another backed up with a comment that read, “Amazing !!! Congratulations to both of them.” A third person


: “Congratulations to both of them, such beautiful words and MUSIC.”

Despite a busy career and schedule, Bassett and her husband are still passionate about their youngsters and also support the duo.

Before now, Bassett


she had no idea that her son would be bitten by the entertainment bug. All Slater wanted as a kid was to play and have fun, but as a young teenager he made the decision to focus on something else.

The mother-of-two said that Slater is now passionate about music, writes great lyrics and makes commendable music, which is an interesting choice.

Bassett, who produced “Soul,” the jazz / centric animation, mentioned that she was partly responsible for their fondness for music. In addition, her award-winning animation won the love and attention of her children, who then demonstrated their ability to use musical instruments.


Most parents would like their children to make history and become a better part of themselves, especially those with incredible talents.

For Bassett, parenting goes beyond supporting their goals and includes boosting their self-esteem. The mother of two is never tired of drilling her children well.

She tries to teach them different values ​​that would ultimately help them in life, in the community they live in, their world and their career.

Bassett revealed that his young daughter was introduced to dating. She explained that the young teenager asked for his permission and got the blessing needed to start a relationship.

Bronwyn’s mother was honest about how she often questioned her daughter about the relationship, adding that her husband was not one of them. He sees it as awkward and is mostly a matter of respect.

Vance is a bad cop parent who is tougher, while Bassett is very free and open with his kids, and Slater knows how to get what he wants with his mom.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t quick to scold her son. In an interview, the beloved mother explained that she taught her boy to avoid problems with girls.

She explained that he often fought with his sister at a younger age and that she had to put an end to it after Bronwyn asked Slater to stop. Bassett then had to tell his son that “when a girl says no to you, she means no”.

Fortunately, this life lesson was mastered by Slater, and years later, during a minor altercation with a man and his sister, he came to his defense by saying the same words “when a girl tells you no, she means no “.

Another life lesson she has for her couple is that they should take full responsibility and take care of themselves. The mother-of-two said without gender preferences her children have learned to sweep, mop and have been responsible for cleaning up their environment since childhood.

Unfortunately, this family also faced some social problems. Bassett claimed his children faced racial prejudice because of their race and color since kindergarten.

It’s painful for her, but she tries to boost their confidence and self-esteem through invaluable love and affirmation, which has done magic in their lives.

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