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Ardern’s fiancé hits out at Albanese’s outdated musical taste after execs swap records | Music

Jacinda Ardern’s fiancé has taken a cheeky look at Anthony Albanese’s musical tastes after the Australian Prime Minister and his New Zealand counterpart swapped records during the couple’s first face-to-face meeting.

Ardern and Albanese, who have both moonlighted as DJs in the past, made the usual display of gifts at their first meeting since the federal election in Sydney on Thursday, with both opting for the gift of music high risk and high reward. .

Both selected local artists, with Ardern receiving Powderfinger, Midnight Oil and Spiderbait, while Albanese received Aldous Harding, the Clean, Reb Fountain and punk compilation AK79, all from Flying Nun – the New Zealand label synonymous with “cool”.

“[Albanese] was kind enough to gift me Midnight Oil, Spiderbait, and Powderfinger on vinyl, so we left him some Flying Nun goodies in return,” Ardern said in a post. Instagram post.

Choosing the music for another can be illuminating at best and embarrassing at worst, but in the realm of politics, leaders must remain diplomatic regardless. The two executives appeared delighted with their gifts in photos posted to social media, but Ardern’s fiancé Clarke Gayford took a less generous stance.

“Midnight Oil, Spiderbait and The Finger????!!!!,” he exclaimed under Ardern’s Instagram post. “What is this, 2004???”

He wasn’t the only one, with other social media users quickly brushing off Albanese’s choice of Powderfinger.

When asked by the Today program on Channel Nine why Ardern had never exchanged music with former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Ardern replied: “We talked about music on one occasion, but I’m not not sure that I would necessarily have chosen the right music if I was given this task.

Albanese joked that possibly the only two former DJs to ever be elected prime minister were in the room.

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Photos heading towards today’s bilat.

Albanese joked that perhaps the only two former DJs to have been elected Prime Minister were in the room.

— Thomas Coughlan (@coughlthom) June 10, 2022

Both Ardern and Albanese have played high-profile DJ sets during their political careers. In 2016, Albanese played a charity event in Melbourne and still has a habit of dropping song lyrics in his speeches, while Ardern helped headline Auckland’s popular Laneway Festival in 2014.

Earlier in the week, Ardern disappointed perhaps very few people when she ruled out playing a double DJ set with her Aussie counterpart.

“No, that’s a firm no,” Bloomberg reported Arden said. “I haven’t raised this issue with the Prime Minister-elect, but I think I can feel confident enough to respond on behalf of both of us.”