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Best Releases of April 22: All Songs Considered : NPR

Pusha T It’s almost dry topped our list of the best new albums released this week.

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Courtesy of the artist

We begin our recap of this week’s best new albums with the stellar return of Pusha T, It’s almost dry. With brilliant examples of flips, mind-blowing puns and A-list features, the rapper’s first new feature in four years is the epitome of Pusha T or (as our reviewer Reanna Cruz calls it) music.” fucking face”.

We also have rosy-eyed space rock from Spiritualized, a newly discovered live recording from Charles Mingus, ambient blood-slowing sounds from OHYUNG and more. WBEZ and Ayana Contreras of Vocalo Radio joins Alt. latinNPR Music’s Felix Contreras, Reanna Cruz and Lars Gotrich, plus host Robin Hilton, as they share their picks for the best new albums due out April 22.

Featured Albums

  1. Pusha T — It’s almost dry
    Featured Tracks “Let Smokers Shine Cuts”, “Dreaming of the Past”, “Just So You Remember”, “I Pray For You”
  2. Jorge Drexler – Tinta and Tiempo
    Featured Tracks: “El Plan Maestro”, “¡Oh, Algoritmo!”
  3. Ben Mark — Glass effect
    Featured Track: “Way We Are”
  4. Spiritualized — Everything was beautiful
    Featured Tracks: “Always With You”, “Crazy”
  5. Charles Mingus— Ronnie Scott’s Lost Album
    Featured Track: “Orange was the color of her dress, then the blue of the silk”
  6. OHYUNG — Iimagine naked!
    Featured Track: “Sweeping Symphonies”

Other Notable April 22 Releases:

  • Becca Stevens & Attacca Quartet — Becca Stevens & Attacca Quartet
  • Bill Evans – Inner Spirit: The 1979 Concert at Teatro General San Martín, Buenos Aires
  • Bonnie Raitt— Just like that…
  • Charles Mingus— Mingus three (deluxe edition)
  • claire rousay — eeverything that is perfect is already there
  • Fountains DC — Lean fia
  • Hatchie— give the world
  • Jason Aldean — GEORGIA
  • The Gizzard King and the Wizard Lizard — Omnium Gatherum
  • Mister Goblin — Rabbit
  • Patrick Watson— Better in the shade
  • Roger Eno— The turning year
  • S.Carey — Open me