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CEVA / “Time and Hope” through science, art, music and entertainment with Baruffi

Wedge Chronicle – The afternoons are full of quality content at the Marenco Theater in Ceva. Onstage is a delicate and unprecedented contemplative proposal on “Time and Hope” through science, art, music and entertainment. A cultural event, signed by the Higher Institute “Barofi” of Ceva in cooperation with “Banco Azzoaglio”, also carried out with the support of the “Crc Foundation”, whose most important message must be defined in the call for dialogue , listening , being curious and embracing what is different to break down common spaces and ignorance And violence in the end. A space for themes related to women, gender discrimination with the repetition of a monologue by Paola Cortelesi by student Giulia Bertin with Federica Luciano, Martina Sturay, Paola Aramini, Carola Gallo, Ariana Favoli and Martina Papa, and the piano performance of the student Matteo Cora, an in-depth study of the age of the woman entrusted to the professor. Franco Guerleiro, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Galliera Genova Hospital. Gorlero offered a unique analysis of youth, maturity and longevity by merging scientific concepts with an interesting journey into the world of art, including works by Michelangelo, Klimt, Munch, Brancusi, Dali and Frida Khalo. Then the musical anthem was entrusted to the troupe “Barofi” “Emotions” then the theater dedicated to another distinguished guest: Dr. Roberto Rivera, responsible for the complex structure of psychology Asl 1 Imperiese. Ravera is also the president of the non-profit organization “Fhm Italia” which supports the NGO “Ravera Child Rehabilitation Center (RCRC)”, which has been working for years in Sierra Leone to support abused children, traumatized children or mentally handicapped. and children in juvenile prisons. He recounted, with particular sympathy, his astonishing journey to places close to inhumanity, where poverty meant poor access to medical care, minor forced labor, poor schooling and high corruption. All are amplified by powerful images, capable of documenting a harsh reality that is often unimaginable.

“Our association, from 2009 to today, has received 8000 children who have been tortured, ill-treated, tortured and abandoned in front of our gate or among the garbage – Explanation to the public -. The one who saw his parents killed, who grew up with a machine gun and learned to fight. For this reason, symbols of affection are missing. One of our goals is to emotionally rebuild children before it’s too late, before they can pass on their mental state to their children when they become adults. Rivera also wrote a book about his experience: “Sierra Leone. The anthropology of a separate world. “Baruffi” wanted to be noticeably close to its association: at the Marenco Theater, works of art created in the past by students who reproduced paintings by great writers were exhibited. The paintings have been put up for sale and the profits will go to Fhm Italia asbl. “Great event for a great cause – said school director Mara Ferrero -. A rich afternoon gave the floor to the boys and to the speakers Gurlio and Rivera, two good friends whom I sincerely thank. Thanks to those who financially supported the project, thanks to “Banco Azzoaglio” and “Fondazione Crc”, to all the students and teachers who made the initiative a success and to my valuable staff.” education is our main driving force – continued Erica Zoglio – Education is synonymous with inclusion: only in this way will social barriers be overcome.” Behind the grant granted – continued Massimo Jolla for “Fondazione” Crc “- We are talking about money, but above all about people and ideas. The desire to do something is essential, the enthusiasm for the field that you can expect with your students. “Greetings and my sincere thanks to the sons of “Barovy” – commented the mayor of Ceva Vincenzo Bezzone – who are able to show, on every occasion, an incredible sensitivity and solidarity. You are the pride of our company”.