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Colorfulmula claims his music and art with Chief Keef has been leaked

After delivering major hits like “Plus Tax” and “Coldwater”, Colorfulmula also wants to collaborate on their next songs with other top artists in the industry. The kind of success and level of momentum that a few individuals and professionals create in their respective careers cannot be attributed solely to the advent of technology. One cannot go without crediting the immense passion, hard work and relentless effort of individuals who resolutely push forward to combine their astute and creative ideas and visions with the latest technologies to create exciting experiences for people. that they serve or address through their work.

Who better than Casimir Spaulding, popularly known as Colourfulmula, to serve as an example here as a musician, rapper and music artist, who has always amazed listeners and music lovers with his amazing tracks. Also, his music with Chief Keef will be released soon with some projects in the future.

His latest track, Sun Comes Up, is just another proof of his growing presence as a musician on the American music scene. The Los Angeles-based musician, after gaining huge views, streams, and appreciation from listeners for his song Sun Comes Up, is all excited for the many upcoming tracks he regularly creates.

He believes that artists should always keep making music or bypass ideas and musical pieces because it helps them build momentum and keeps them cohesive on their path to success. He did just that and thus was able to impress audiences with his refreshing music tracks and euphonic sound that deeply connects with people instantly.

His next songs might even see him collaborating with many other acclaimed artists in the industry to provide listeners and music lovers with enhanced musical experiences and a different musical vibe for their ears and souls. Besides Sun Comes Up, his songs, like Plus Tax, Double Double, Coldwater, Hell Yeah, Free Tizzy, Walkin’ Faucet, and Covid 19, also did very well on Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

The rising musician is very excited about the exciting new experiences he wants to bring to the public with his upcoming songs. In the meantime, follow him on Instagram @colorfulmula find out more.