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Corey Taylor promises new Slipknot music “very f*cking…

In December, Corey said of the sequel to 2019’s brilliant We Are Not Your Kind: “It’s really good; I’m really, really thrilled. In fact, I like this one more than I like We Are Not Your Kind, and I loved We Are Not Your Kind.”

He also teased that it was “like a heavier version” of Vol. 3: (The subliminal verses). “That’s really killer, man,” he enthused. “It’s darker than We Are Not Your Kind, but there’s a ton of melody. I’ve told everyone it’s like a heavier version of Vol. 3. There’s so many textures and layers. The heavy stuff has attack but the melodic stuff you can sink your teeth into; there’s a lot of good melodies and good hooks. I’m really, really excited for people to hear it .

Earlier this year, drummer Jay Weinberg said the ‘Knots had “turned up the dials on experimentation” this time around.

“There are new things happening that are really exciting, really interesting, things that I might not even expect us to pull out of our hats,” he teased. “We have a song that sounds like the heaviest blues song in the world, and stuff like that that’s super exciting to hear what the guys are doing. Then once we work on the instrumental for a while time we get to listen to what Corey brings to the table and how that elevates things and makes them newer and better and whatever… It’s very exciting to hear this stuff take shape.

“But, man, there’s so much stuff in it that’s Slipknot trademark,” Jay continued. “We’re not going to walk away from this; we can’t escape it even if we wanted to. There are some things that are just touchstones of who we are, and I think we really are. happy. And the fact that we can try to find new ways to present those elements – the loud, the fast, the abrasive, the jarring, it’s all there for sure. And that’s really exciting. I think that[recentsingleTheChapeltownRagisampleofthatIthinkthat’sasongthat’suskindofatpeakenergyandchaos[lerécentsingleTheChapeltownRagestunexcellentexempledeJepensequec’estunechansonquinousreprésenteenquelquesorteausommetdel’énergieetduchaos[recentsingleTheChapeltownRagisagreatexampleofthatIthinkthat’sasongthat’suskindofatpeakenergyandchaos”

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