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Doogie White Fronted version of Alcatrazz releases “Grace Of God” music video

A clip for the song “Grace of God” of ALCATRAZZ can be seen below. The track is taken from the band’s next album, “V”, slated for release on October 15. The LP features original members Jimmy waldo and Gary Shea, with a new singer White doogie (RAINBOW, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, MICHAEL SCHENKER PARTY), drummer Marc Benquechea and guitarist Joe stump.

The “Grace of God” the video contrasts beautiful and breathtaking landscape scenes with dark and evocative displays of raw emotion and battle. The track takes the listener on a monumental journey with Whitethe powerful rising voice of, perfectly complemented by Stump and Waldothe intricate weaving of guitars and witchcraft keys backed up by thunderous and sturdy bass and drums from Shea and Benquechea.

“I like ‘Grace of God’, “comments White. “It’s a cute song with a lot of complex vocals. I love what everyone has done on it. It has great energy and vibrancy… It’s just magic!

“In terms of lyrics, it takes place in the Middle Ages”, White keep on going. “It’s about the fear of being sent to war to fight for your king or queen or your country … of invading a land you have never heard of, of conquering people you have never heard of. know nothing, to fight for some reason you are not sure, and desperation to accept such a fate. “

“When I first heard ‘Grace of God’, I just couldn’t believe how perfectly the melody and lyrics fit together: it’s hard to imagine anything else being better than that, “enthused Waldo. “Doogie has the ability to write exactly what the melody of a song calls for and the result is very powerful. “

Formed in 1983, ALCATRAZZ became famous for his mix of melodic and progressive rock and for introducing guitar heroes Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve va. Born in 1983 with “No parole from rock ‘n’ roll”, which presented the hit “Island in the sun”, the band continued to gain popularity in 1985 with their second album “To disturb the peace”, which contained the blow “God bless the video”. The band released another studio LP, the years 1986 “Dangerous games”, before ceasing its activities the following year. The group regrouped and released the much-acclaimed “Born innocent” in 2020, their first studio album containing all new material since 1986.

Both vintage and timeless, “V” walk on the ALCATRAZZ textured territories of yesteryear but with renewed vigor and verve.

“The new album brings us full circle from our original roots to a much heavier modern version of all things ALCATRAZZ in 2021 “, confirms Shea. “I feel great and look forward to the release of our new album with its rock and heavy metal sounds.”

There is little doubt that this ALCATRAZZ running at full speed unhindered and in that regard, White’s supreme vocal work across the twelve tracks serves as a catalyst for their creative synergy, in addition to an overwhelmingly positive energy that brings the band closer than it ever was. since, well, 1986!

“The guys called me up and asked if I wanted to join the band, and, you know, I’m sure they could and would have been spoiled for choice, but they asked me,” beams White. “I heard the music and “Turn of the wheel” was the first song we wrote together. It’s a great song, a “metal” hit! ‘V’ has a few songs that are ‘commercially metal’, and then there are some that are very dark and threatening. It touches a lot of isolation and loneliness, alcoholism, redemption and darkness, but I hope there is a ray of hope and light at the end of it all. “

Produced by Gilles Lavery and Jimmy waldo, and mixed by Andy Haller (Elton john, Joe cocker, SYSTEM OF A DOWN), “V” also includes guest appearances from TANK‘s Cliff Evans (low on “Grace of God”), and RIOT‘s Donnie Van Stavern (low on “Guardian angel”, “Night watch” and “Target”), highlighting how popular ALCATRAZZrest music with their peers. “V” means ALCATRAZZthe fifth studio album of course… but it also resolutely represents Victory; the victory that sees ALCATRAZZ 2021 stronger than ever despite all the obstacles.

List of tracks:

01. Guardian angel

02. Night watch

03. Sword of deliverance

04. Wheel Tower

05. Black Heart

06. Grace of God

07. Back to Never Again

08. Target

09. Maybe tomorrow

ten. The house of lies

11. Alice’s eyes

12. Dark day for my soul

Last fall, original ALCATRAZZ singer Graham Bonnet declared that he was “no longer affiliated” with ALCATRAZZthe manager Gilles Lavery. “At the time, the other ALCATRAZZ MPs fought back, saying they were “still represented” by Lavery and blasting Cap to “dictate[ing] to us who may or may not be our collective or individual manager. ”Shortly after, Cap released a statement via his social media in which he said he would “always record and perform with ALCATRAZZ. I am the founder and main songwriter and have been since the group was formed in 83. “He added that he” would deliver the incredible news. ALCATRAZZ in the spring “and promised to take the new group on the road.

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