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Patrick Samuel talks to James Cracknell about his upcoming Halloween show in Enfield Town

Patrick Samuel performs at the Palais de la Culture the day before Halloween

A neurodiverse music night is being hosted at Culture Palace in Enfield Town to help kick off Halloween later this month.

Palmers Green artist “Asperger” Patrick Samuel has waited the best part of a year to perform songs from his latest album, Communion, which he released during the second wave of the pandemic.

Patrick recently signed for a new label which bills itself as the ‘World’s First Neurodiverse Record Label’ and will perform at Enfield Council’s new temporary arts venue in the Palace Gardens shopping center on Saturday the 30th.e October.

He describes the upcoming show as a combination of “music, madness and chaos” and told the Mail: “I will go on stage to perform a selection of songs from the EP; they are remixes and will be half cabaret, half Halloween.

“There will be four costume changes in half an hour, which will be interesting! It starts from the apocalypse and ends with a geisha kimono segment at the end. I make my own costume designs and am ready to do it live. “

Patrick’s eclectic music has generally focused on his struggles with autism, but with Communion he says he felt compelled to tackle some of the big political issues affecting the world, as well as the pandemic. Patrick’s label manager, Robin Jax, will open the Palais de la Culture show under his stage name Robin Plays Chords.

Patrick said: “Together we will put on a show to celebrate neurodiversity and Halloween. That’s why I want to put in as many ideas as possible to show that we do things differently. I don’t think Enfield has seen or heard anything like this before.

“There is something for everyone. I think we complement each other. I want to give everyone a really fun time.

“I think the alternative community is quite under-represented in the Enfield area. There isn’t much for fans of goth and alternative rock. All in all it will be a unique evening and it would be great if the community could support it. “

Was it difficult not to play during the pandemic? “Artists have to get back on stage and do what they love to do. A lot of neurodiverse people can’t do things on Zoom, and I think we’ve taken live performance for granted.

“I do live broadcasts to show people that I’m still here [but] I missed this opportunity [to perform live]. “

Patrick adds that viewers of his show are “welcome to come in disguise” and “be as weird and wacky as they want”.

Patrick Samuel Live and Undead starts at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday 30e October at the Palace of Culture, Unit 27, Palace Gardens Shopping Center. Entrance is free but pre-reservation is required:
Visit dugdalecentre.co.uk/events/patrick-samuel-live-and-undead

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