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Erick the architect makes the music he wants and does things his way

It seems everyone you know has used the pandemic to change something in their lives. Some baked sourdough, others changed careers. Erick the Architect has released an EP, “Future Proof”, but he has also taken up a hobby that has fallen into disuse: drawing. Before moving to Los Angeles to become a full-time musician and before starting Flatbush Zombies, Erick was studying drawing in school. “Music is the thing that most people know me for,” he said in a phone call, “I never put my art or my design first. So I took advantage of that. to collaborate, to combine that with singing, and it became something I did almost every day because there was no outside.

Although “Future Proof” is far more introspective than much of his work with the Flatbush Zombies, he credits his time with that group for helping him find his own narrative. “I think it was an extension of something that came out of working with two of my closest friends around the world,” he said. “You sacrifice an individual story to tell a universal one. I always put out little bits and pieces of music that were my own narrative, but it got lost in what I had been doing for so long.