Christian van hemert

Freedom? Gasparille? Back to the city of music? Mizzou learns the bowl destination on Sunday | Mizzou sports news

This time around, MU’s first preference is the Liberty Bowl on Dec. 28 in Memphis, multiple team sources said this week. But that doesn’t mean the Tigers will get their top pick.

Here is a reminder on how the SEC bowl system works:

First, the top four teams in the college football qualifying standings are officially entered in the two semi-finals, Cotton Balls and Orange Balls this year. With Alabama’s No.3 beating Georgia’s No.1 41-24 in Saturday’s SEC Championship game, both are expected to feature on the field of the four-team playoffs.

From there, at least one SEC team will be part of the other four New Year’s non-qualifying bowls: Fiesta, Peach, Rose, and Sugar. Ole Miss (10-2) will most likely be that Peach Bowl team.

Then the Citrus Bowl has the first pick among all the remaining SEC teams. At 9-3, Kentucky have the best team records available, although Arkansas and Texas A&M, both at 8-4, could also be in the mix for the New Years game in Orlando, Fla. . The opponent would be from the Big Ten.

From there, it’s time for the SEC to assign teams to what it calls the Pool of Six: the Duke’s Mayo, Gator, Liberty, Music City, Outback, and Texas. The conference office makes the selections in consultation with the pétanques and the schools. In 2022 and 2024, the Las Vegas Bowl will replace the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in the SEC Pool of Six. The first Pool of Six bowl is the Liberty Bowl on December 28 in Memphis. The latest is the Texas Bowl on January 4 in Houston.