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Gig review: Halsey is the definition of fierce at the Blossom Music Center

It’s been two years since singer Halsey, who uses the pronouns she/they, was forced to stop their Manic World Tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, that didn’t stop them from totally reinventing their sound, with their now Love & Power Tour to wow fans Friday night at the Blossom Music Center.

As Halsey begins to reach halfway through her tour, you’d think her energy would slowly drain, but it didn’t. At 9 p.m. sharp, the singer was on stage, composing a microphone in hand as the intro to “The Tradition” silenced the audience.

Before fans knew it, Halsey was strutting around the stage, jumping up and down as the excitement buzzing in the outside room began to build. Seamlessly transitioning from “The Tradition” to fan-favorite “Castle” and then “Easier than Lying,” they didn’t miss a beat, with no signs of running out of steam or losing momentum.

These first three songs of the setlist were part of the first “chapter” of the show: “Capture”.

Soon fans saw graphic visuals of Halsey slamming her head against a dirty sink, laughing in her own blood as “You Should Be Sad”, “1121” followed by Post Malone’s collab “Die for Me” accompanied horror pictures.

The second chapter, “Release”, was where Halsey started talking to the crowd, saying that Ohio had always produced some of their best shows in the past. As fans cheered and shouted “I love you” to the singer, they entered new territory with tracks such as “Graveyard” and the ultimate love song, “Colors.”

New visuals continued to darken as the sirens wailed, revealing a narrow hallway reminiscent of The brilliant. One of the highlights of the show came during the outro of “The Lighthouse” as audience members watched Halsey bathe in an old tub, octopus tentacles wrapping around their bodies, silencing the crowd. with anticipation as they silently played bass on stage.

The darkness of the moment slowly faded as fans witnessed the third chapter: “Reflect.”

Here, Halsey once again spoke to fans about their struggles with finding love and how you’ll eventually find someone who treats you right. They also told the crowd how much their lives had changed since their last tour, now mother to an almost one-year-old son named Ender.

It was a wholesome moment as they praised the crowd for being loyal fans and accepting them for who they were, which led to an intimate scene during “Be Kind” where they painted an array of different faces on a Web. Halsey’s vocals stayed on point, not even rushing their creative process as the song slowly faded away.

Next comes the unexpected acoustic version of “100 Letters” and tribute to their fan base, “Darling”. Tears streamed down fans’ faces as Halsey’s voice echoed through the microphone, proving the strength and liveliness of their voices. After getting sentimental for a few minutes, the singer brought the energy back with “Honey” and “Bad At Love,” creating the perfect vocals.

The song that all Halsey fans are known to freak out about the most at their concerts, “Gasoline,” ended the chapter with another visual that showed them peeling off their own skin. While incredibly creepy and disturbing, it was hard not to jump up and down like Halsey was on stage.

Finally, fans were relieved when Halsey announced that the gig wasn’t over yet, even though they could stop at 22 songs in their setlist. Thus, the final chapter, “Revenge”, began.

The women’s empowerment anthem, “Nightmare,” kicked off the show’s final part and was by far one of the best performances of the night, with the screen behind Halsey displaying abortion stats to the United States. For all the women in the crowd, it was a collective release of anger and frustration, just as Halsey had intended when writing and performing the song.

“Experiment On Me” and “Without Me” followed, adding more intensity to the show. Confetti burst into the crowd as Halsey managed to exit the stage to get closer to the fans, the sky unrecognizable. It was a simple but effective touch.

Halsey said goodbye before ending with “I’m not a woman, I’m a god”, which stands out on their latest album, If I can’t have love, I want power. As they walked across the stage, it became clear that the singer had become much more than a performer, but a fierce and confident performer.

Overall, Halsey’s “Love & Power Tour” left fans in awe and asked for more from the singer. It was a night filled with what each chapter described: capturing, freeing, reflecting and revenge. With thoughtful visuals and crisp vocals, the show was one people had to check out this summer, even if you’re not a Halsey fan.


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