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How this Bengaluru-based project is bringing music to mobile screens this music season

Skanda Anantha Murthy, Founder – Shaale

Engineer turned entrepreneur Skanda Anantha Murthy, 33, is trying to bring traditional arts and culture to life through her conscientiously thought-out business, Shaale, like her mother, famous Sanskrit singer and teacher TS Sathyavathi, encouraged him saying ‘there is no art without literature.’

Skanda, a lover of sound engineering and music, reported Shaale (meaning school in Kannada) with online classical music lessons and gradually formed a team to provide video recording, live streaming ( webcast), video on demand, and video and audio documentation for artists, researchers, organizers and students.

Based in Bangalore, Shaale is looking to expand its field teams to other cities to help record other traditional art forms such as Natya Sangeet, Rabindra Sangeet, dance forms and related performing arts all over India.

“I’m trying to capture the sea of ​​the arts in some kind of library,” says Skanda, who spoke to Swarajya on the future of the arts which embraces the digital world.

Some extracts….

Is Shaale busy with plenty of streaming gigs this season, including with the biggest label, Music Academy in Chennai?

This season, we are hosting around 200 concerts at seven major festivals – “The 95th Annual Music Festival and 15th Annual Dance Festival” of Madras Academy of Music, “Blue Planet Festival” by First Edition Arts, “Margazhi Mangala Utsavam ”from the Manghalam Group,“ SVN Rao Music Festival ”, Ananya Nritya Neerajana, 42nd Annual Saptak Festival (Ahmedabad) and the Dikshitar Beethoven Festival from the Melharmony Foundation.

It is only humility to work with such prestigious organizations and famous artists of the country. We have worked with over 600 organizations and 6,000 artists since our inception in 2012.

How has music become such a part of you as you entered into a digital rendezvous with music?

I was exposed to classical music from a young age thanks to my mother, singer Dr. TS Sathyavathi and I continued to learn Mridanga by Vidwan Arjun Kumar. I studied computer engineering and worked in a startup for a year before I got into the idea of ​​Shaale. My interests in photography, music production, culture, and technology came together in my quest for Shaale.

How did the idea for Shaale come about?

During my engineering years, I realized that a majority of my peers had no exposure to Indigenous art forms / cultures, and that there was no place in the digital world to explore these forms of art. art and these artists. Many artists, on the other hand, find it difficult to monetize and therefore sustain their careers, creating a vicious cycle and leading to a decrease in audiences and an underappreciation of these assets.

This is because the arts, in a country like India, with over 5,000 years of history, are not presented to children at school level, and over a period of time, are inherently treated as non-profit. lucrative, more a responsibility than an asset. This prompted me to think about creating a platform for artists to monetize and beginner / student / aspiring artists to access artists, organizations and be part of the community.

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