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Kanye West was almost ‘SNL’ musical guest alongside Kim

Kanye West was THIS close to being the musical guest alongside perhaps, soon to be Kim Kardashian’s ex-wife on Saturday Night Live This weekend. Unfortunately, the epic apparition will not happen.

The official musical guest is Halsey in the October 9 episode of SNL, which is equally exciting but the vibe between Kardashian and the rapper would have been interesting to watch.

What happened?


“Weeks and weeks ago when they asked Kim to do the show they raised the possibility of him being the musical guest, those talks didn’t go very far,” a source shared with Hollywoodlife.com.

Apparently, one of the people keen to pitch the idea was Michael Che, editor and host of “The Weekend Update” segment. Of course, he didn’t expect rapper “Jail” to do it, but they made sure to ask because you never know with Mr. West.

That being said, it doesn’t seem like it’s a categorical no, and fans of the controversial rapper know he’s inclined to storm the stage at the most inappropriate time. Plus, it would be cool to see him perform a few pieces of DONDA.

Kim is ready … sort of

Kim Kardashian promotes her SKIMS pop-up at The Grove after being classified as billionaire

As for the mother of four children, she is “very nervous” but tries to crush the minds of the haters who had nothing but negative things to say about her evolution in front of a reality TV star in recent years. “She wants to prove to herself and to all the enemies that it was worth asking her to put on the show.”

It’s obvious that Kardashian isn’t the typical late-night comedy show host, but asking her to host isn’t a total shock. Influencer OG comes with her own followers and she’s sure to bring the notes, even looking only to live-tweet their skepticism.

The source revealed that the Skims co-founder was desperate to “get him out of the park.” West’s appearance could be a positive presence for the reality TV star who helps him do just that. Along with the rumors about West, there are also rumors about his sisters and mom Kris Jenner.

Family support?

Kim Kardashian with her sisters
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

The famous Kardashian sisters are almost expected to be in the audience, that’s a big deal after all. Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are usually there to support whatever their ambitious sister does with Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

They may need to prepare for roasting, because “no joke is out of place.” She apparently shared with the editorial team, “that any idea is a good idea, and they can present absolutely anything to her and she is willing to poke fun at herself and she mentioned that nothing is off limits.” .

Will Kanye be there anyway?

A photo showing Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in a field.
Instagram | Kim Kardashian West

Chances are, even if the rapper doesn’t have the opportunity to accompany Kardashian on stage, he will likely still be around. The “Off The Grid” rapper has been seen with Kardashian far more than two people who would have broken up would normally spend time together.

They were recently spotted in Malibu having lunch WITHOUT the kids. Let’s not forget that the 40-year-old also appeared in a wedding dress in a DONDA album performances. The bond is clearly strong between these two.

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