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Live Biz welcomes the latest music initiative from American Express

Alex Lahey will perform for fans as part of AMEX’s new “Back The Night” initiative.

NSW live music executives have hailed American Express’ latest music initiative, hoping it will energize Sydney as the sector returns.

Back The Night sees 17 acts perform at six Mid-West venues on Sunday, May 29.

All proceeds go to Support Act which since the pandemic has reported an 883% increase in the number of music workers seeking crisis relief and a 52% increase in those accessing the helpline for the well-being.

“From artists, performers, venues, businesses and everyone behind the scenes, Back The Night is a huge boost to help the industry move towards the brighter future it so deserves. “said Amex’s vice president of brand and member experience. , said Naysla Edwards.

London Grammar, back in Australia after five years, will play Oxford Art Factory from 7.30pm

There are DJ sets from The Delta Riggs, Taka Perry, IMBI and Bec Sandridge and live performances from Didirri, Boy and Bear, Alex Lahey, Odette, Bakers Eddy, Cap Carter, Maple Glider, Jess Kent and Maddy Jane.

Venues include The Colombian, Hyde Park House, Surly’s American Tavern and Mrs Palmer.

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Mark Gerber, founder and CEO of Oxford Art Factory, said live trading has seen businesses shut down during the pandemic.

“After what felt like a lifetime, we are thrilled to open our doors again and not only to be part of this event, which spans and supports so many venues and artists, but to welcome the London Grammar headliners for what will be a very special musical evening,” he said.

Michael Rodrigues, 24-hour economy commissioner for NSW, added that Sydney’s night-time economy was already rebounding.

“Audiences can’t wait to get out and enjoy what this beautiful city has to offer,” he said. “American Express’ Back The Night will help energize the city by supporting a variety of local businesses while helping our musos do what they do best: entertain and inspire us.”

Tickets go on sale Monday, May 2. Consult the complete program and buy tickets here.

In recent years, American Express has injected $1 million into the Australian music industry through its Music Backers Fund of grants for venues, artists or businesses.

In April 2022, American Express was named the premium brand in Australia.

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