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Lollapalooza ranked #1 music festival — for sex and drugs

It’s sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, okay.

Lollapalooza is the best music festival for random sex and drugs, according to a new study.

Researchers surveyed 1,006 festival-goers, from baby boomers to Gen Z, to find out how they got wild at the country’s most popular music festivals.

The survey, conducted by the health guidance website Research inside the body in April revealed that 84% of fans plan to get high at a music festival this year.

More than nine in 10 festival-goers admitted they would participate in something listening to their favorite artists – with tickets to Lollapalooza (96%), Rolling Loud (95%), Burning Man (94%), EDC (94%) , Coachella (93%), Bonnaroo (92%), Rock Fest (91%) and SunFest (90%)

The poll found that 64% of Lollapalooza participants will use marijuana, 41% will take cocaine and 37% will stumble on LSD (acid), MDMA (molly) or mushrooms – or all three – while playing. at J-Hope, Dua Lipa, Green Day and more at Chicago’s Grant Park, July 18-July 31.

Inner body

Lollapalooza subscribers aligned with the overall responses of all music festival guests, who said marijuana (51%) was their most commonly used festival drug, followed by cocaine (23%), mushrooms and MDMA (19%).

Of course, heavy drug use can lead to high-risk situations, as most festival-goers (84%) have suffered a drug-related injury at a festival, with the majority (59%) swearing that they’ll be sober the next time they buy tickets. at a show.

Festivals have a reputation for potentially dangerous romance, especially at Lollapalooza (30%), SXSW (28%) and Coachella (27%), where fans are most likely to have sex with a stranger, according to the ‘study.

Lollapalooza did not immediately respond to the Post’s request for comment.

These findings come as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), drug use and overdoses have been on the rise since the pandemic began in late 2019.

Health officials across the country have warned that STD levels have remained high throughout the pandemic, with specific growth in syphilis cases. Meanwhile, drug use and overdose deaths around the world have increased dramatically since 2019.

In addition to just saying “no,” experts say users should test drugs, carry medication for overdoses, and consult medical personnel if a drug experiment goes wrong. Unfortunately, too few know about these resources.

According to Inner Research, “Drinking plenty of water, buying from a ‘trusted source,’ and microdosing are the top three safety strategies festival-goers reported practicing.”