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MacD on music: Me and Oisin Magee

A few months ago (Valentine’s Day, to be exact), as regular readers might recall, I interviewed Oisin Magee, aka Sanchez, ahead of the release of his “Burgundy” album.

Oisin had been living in Korea for a few years but is now back, having formed a full band for his current tour.

I was lucky enough to be invited to his stop in Derry, where he played two Fridays ago with Bennigan. I met him before he went on stage and we talked a bit about his current activities.

The show itself was electrifying, with support from Seeds of the Oak Tree and Selador (who have, without a doubt, one of the most exciting frontmen in town, Stephen Whiteman).

Both bands played great sets that really got the crowd moving ahead of the main event.

For his concerts, Oisin has assembled a brilliant band consisting of Paul Mooney on bass, Domhnall O’Doherty on drums, Franck Sauvion on guitar and Conall McCool on guitar which steals the show, the band really managed to capture the Sanchez’s sound, and the ‘Burgundy’ songs sounded just as good live as they did on the album.

Their closing number, a cover of “All Along the Watchtower”, left the audience wanting more.

On the night of the show, I was chatting with Oisin about what he had been up to in the months since our last interview.

He told me, “We formed the band since I came back from Korea. We had a gig in Lurgan, where I’m from.

“It’s been going pretty well, and we’re just looking at more gigs, more opportunities to support people and be supported.”

I also asked him how the album (Burgundy) was doing: “It’s pretty well done. I kind of wish I had pushed it a bit more, maybe spaced things out a bit more, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Sounds pretty good.
We talked a bit about the constitution of the group.

He told me they were playing together now “about four or five months.

Fortunately, all the music had been done, so it was an easy process, sending them the songs, telling them what key. They are all phenomenal musicians.

The album itself mainly featured only Oisin, Dan Lloyd and Jon Amey. Speaking about their role in creating Burgundy, Oisin said, “They were teachers, like me, in Korea, two boys from England, and they expressed interest in my music, to say they liked it and everything, and then we just ended up recording an album.

“I had a lot of songs ready to go, so it helps, when you have nothing to do but write.”

Our conversation turned to our beautiful city: “Derry is a wonderful place. I love it.

“I feel like I’ve kind of been taken away from it, obviously, physically and emotionally, but I’d love to come back and mingle with the people, the culture, the places again.”

high praise

Finally, Oisin praised the bill’s opening acts that night. About Seeds of the Oak Tree he said they were “a brilliant, brilliant band and I’m very honored to have them take a top spot for us, and obviously Selador, who are a very established band.”

Between the three acts that played that night, it’s sure to be a night to remember (depending on how much booze you drank).

Now let’s move on to other business. This Friday offers not one, but two concerts not to be missed.

In St. Augustine’s (Church on the Walls) Mary Coughlan plays. As someone who has seen Mary twice (once solo, once with Francis Black and Sharon Shannon), I can guarantee it will be a great show.

The other concert was the subject of last week’s column.

Rock for Choice 2022 takes place at Sandino’s and includes Lunch Machine, Dose, Tramp, Sister Ghost, Cherym and a DJ set from Soak.

It’s another guaranteed good night and it’s raising money for a very important organization, Alliance For Choice.

As someone looking forward to attending both concerts, it will be a difficult decision to make.

If time permits, I hope to be able to attend both shows. I like a challenge.

Anyway, back to Sanchez. He can be found on Facebook and Instagram @sancheztunesofficial. Burgundy is out now and available on all good music platforms.