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Mae Estes releases her very first music video for her amazing new single “Thinkin Bout Cheatin”

How good is this song?

Last week newcomer Mae Estes released a good old fashioned honky tonk cheatin’ song called “Think about cheating.” And sure, cheating songs are a dime in country music, but this one is unique in that it features a wife getting brutally honest with her husband about his feelings about marriage and being at the end of the rope to find a solution – other than cheating – to the problems between her and her boyfriend.

The contrast between the nonchalant way she delivers the message that she “thought about cheating” and the earnestness of the conversation at hand makes this one of the most compelling songs I’ve heard so far this year.

Add to that Mae’s amazing vocals, which reminds me of some of the leading ladies of 90s country like Lee Ann Womack or Pam Tillis, and of course the whine of a steel guitar throughout the song, and you have a hell of a country song.

Such a beautiful song, in fact, that Mae released her very first music video to go along with it.

Directed by Emma Golden, the video actually features Mae’s real-life husband playing the role of the man who learns from his wife that she’s been tempted to cheat. As Mae told CMT:

“It was my first video to actually shoot, so it was a dream come true! I also have to bring my husband on set, and he’s actually the actor you see in the video with me. He was hard to watch himself angry and not laugh during conversation scenes.

It’s kind of funny to me to think how uncomfortable this song will make some marriages and how my husband sat down at the kitchen table and let me sing it to him! It is also a dream come true.