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Malachiii releases new “Free My Soul” music video

Los Angeles-based rapper, producer, singer and songwriter Malachiii is feeling good and living better on his new single “Free My Soul”, released today on Motown Records. The dynamic track arrives with a bright clip that finds Malachiii in nature.

Soft reverb and crisp electronics provide a colorful backdrop for Malachiii’s message of peace and prosperity. The free-spirited 25-year-old doesn’t let the fact that “this world could be cold” quench her thirst for life. “We’ve only got time, so baby, roll the dice,” he urges in the chorus. The effervescent video for “Free My Soul” helps the song rise even higher. Directed by Nayip, the clip captures Malachiii backing up his words with action: he eats berries, dances unhindered in nature, and literally stops to smell the flowers.

“Free My Soul” follows July’s “Love Me” and together the two singles feature Malachiii’s wild range as a songwriter – he’s able to effortlessly transition from trap-infused romance to bright pop soundscapes. “Love Me” was his first single for Motown, but before joining the roster, Malachiii was already on a hot streak, thanks to singles like “Do It My Way” unabashedly in 2017 and the brash “WYM ?!” , which was released in September 2020. The rising emotions of “Free My Soul” prove that he is determined to continue to grow as a songwriter, showing more of himself to the world with each release.

Malachiii knows joy. In recent years, the young Southern California singer, rapper and producer has shown an affection for springy flows, catchy beats, and melodies lit by a magical glow. This ecstatic energy has made her approach to pop, rap and R&B contagious, but what makes her most special is her willingness to engage in heavy themes with a maturity and grace that belies her age. .

On songs like “Love Me,” his first single with Motown Records, he sings and spits smiley bars, but he’s also pondering big questions. He has come to understand that while his ultimate goal is to emit “love, light, positivity and good vibes,” it is more important to stay true to the true depths of his experience, even if not always the sun and the rainbows. Malachiii grew up wanting to perform, but it was after touring with GRAMMY-winning composer AR Rahman at the age of 14 that he felt inspired to write and produce his own music.

Over the years, his ability to translate relevant emotions into hooks has earned him a publishing contract with Electric Feel (Post Malone, Iann Dior, 24KGoldn), which has only strengthened his writing and production efforts. . Now, starting with “Love Me”, he is getting noticed in his own right, with the hope that his artistry will continue to resonate with listeners. “There are very few people who have a transcendent impact on music, humanity and culture as a whole,” he says. “This is the kind of artist I want to be.”

Watch the new clip here: