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Marty Friedman theorizes why there are fewer guitar solos in mainstream music – and why Japanese pop could follow suit |

Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman has offered a theory as to why the data suggests that Japanese listeners are beginning to ignore guitar solos in songs.

Friedman wrote in a Facebook post, “So ‘GUITAR SOLO’ is all the rage in Japan right now. Why do you ask? This is because it has been reported (true or not, who knows) that in Japan, it seems data shows that on music subscription apps, many people skip to the next song when the solo of guitar starts,” adding that he wouldn’t. be surprised if the statistic was true.

Explaining that he thought the stat primarily referred to mainstream hit music, Friedman clarified that a mainstream hit had many members attached even before it became a hit, namely the artist, ” the author(s), the lyricist(s), the producer, the arranger, studio musicians for the demo, studio musicians for the master, people from the label, sound engineers and technicians , music video creators, directors and technical staff, and more.”

This leads producers to consider the guitar solo as the number one thing they think they can save time, energy, commitment and money on, because especially for mainstream music, a solo should having as much “care, magic and purpose to be there for as the voice”.

Friedman added that Japan was more welcoming of guitar solos in mainstream music than the West, but soloing can sometimes become a mandatory part of a song to fulfill quotas, leading to uninspiring work than Friedman. he himself admits that he sometimes jumps.

“…Instead of having a guitar solo in the song just for the sake of familiarity, or because a guitar solo sounds good (they usually do), it has to be there for a deeper reason”, Friedman proclaimed, adding, “In the creation of the stage song, ideally the content of the solo, the performance, and even the unique magic that goes with that particular song should be engaged and given a lot of thought.

As a fan, I would like to, and as a guitarist, I always strive to do so.

Ok friends, buckle up, it should be a good time. So “GUITAR SOLO” is trending in Japan right now…

Posted by Marty Friedman on Friday, May 6, 2022

Last year, Friedman praised the new generation of internet-savvy guitarists, citing Mateus Asato and Ichika Nito as players who stand out for him.

“[Mateus is] from Brazil and he’s just a beautiful guitarist,” Friedman said. ultimate guitar. “There’s another guy called Ichika from Japan and although his style is so different from mine – so much so that I doubt I can even get anything out of him, I just like the way he plays . I appreciate.”