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Myrkur releases new melodic single “Rivers Blessed (Demo)”

Myrkur releases new melodic single

Danish black metal band Myrkur have just released “Rivers Blessed (Demo)”, a story about learning to be a good mother through the struggles symbolized by winter. The song opens with an intimidating echo that makes her feel distant and lost. As the song continues, it becomes evident that the artist is looking for company in a world where it is perhaps the only thing you can count on – she describes her hopes that the listener will “come.” with me in the snowstorm “.

Its delicate falsetto and lightly strummed harps give it a fairytale quality that transforms the song from a serenade into a lullaby. Myrkur adopts a mother character, assuring the audience that she “will protect you from the big wolves of the forest”.

This protective instinct, however, is more than a character. Myrkur revealed that the song is strongly linked to his personal growth as a parent:

“‘Rivers Blessed’ is written about my journey to motherhood, a journey that was by no means easy but changed my life and the way I see the world forever,” the artist said in a statement. Press. “I wanted the song to have a strong winter feeling, and so the harp is the only instrument, because its sound reminds me of falling snowflakes.”

Earlier this year, the Danish metal musician covered “Little Green” by Joni Mitchell to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous Blue. She has already faced controversial surrounding his song from 2017 “MÃ¥neblôt ”because of accusations that the lyrics spoke of the sacrifice of a newborn baby. Myrkur responded by discussing his extensive use of symbolism, a trend that continues in his use of the innocence of snow in this piece.

Photo credit: Raymond Flotat