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Nicky Jam releases music video for his touching song “Melancolia”

Nicky Jam poured her heart into her song “Melancolía”, and now fans can see her emotions in her new music video. Filmed in the desert as the sun begins to set, the video takes on an intimate feel as Jam sings for the camera and captivates listeners with a melodic journey through the memories of a relationship that will never be again.

Realized by Gus, who has shot many other Jam videos, the video’s aesthetic symbolizes all the beauty of a past relationship that now ends, with a period of “darkness,” just before a new love arrives and may the sun rise again. With its beautiful melody and impressive vocalizations, this soulful ballad highlights Jam’s vocal range.

“Everything that has a beginning has an end // It all becomes everything.” One day becomes nothing // Everything changes here, what were you expecting // What goes up must come down, “Nicky sings in Spanish in the chorus, in this very real scenario that resonates with so many people.

“Melancolía” has become one of the most beloved songs from her latest album, Infinite. His most versatile album to date takes the listener on a journey through all the genres he has mastered throughout his career. The 15-track album portrays all the different facets of Jam’s art, from raw, real-life rap verses to slow-tempo romantic and melodic songs that showcase his sung voice.

In September, Jam performed his hit song “Miami”, another from his latest album, at the Billboard 2021 Latin Music Awards. The chart-topping single defined the limits of temptation in a long-lasting relationship. A ubiquitous life story in which a man is tempted to betray his partner with a girl who represents something new, different and forbidden.

As the year draws to a close, Jam prepares to kick off the New Year with his Infinite Tower 2022. Named after his recent album, Jam will stop over in major cities across the United States, including New York, Los Angeles and Boston, before ending March 27 at the WAMU Theater in Seattle. The tour will also make stops in Montreal and Toronto, Canada during the month of February.

Tickets for the tour can be purchased at And stream “Melancolía” today on your favorite music platform!