Christian van hemert

Indiana man who died at 19 survives thanks to his music

BLOOMINGTON, Indiana (AP) – On a blustery Monday, Ed Schwartzman sets a bag next to him in the center of the table at his Bloomington restaurant. It doesn’t look like much: laminated photo collages, flying papers, weathered images of mid-90s youth football teams – all featuring the same smiling boy and his lightly haired brown […]

Jacqueline edeling

Stove God Cooks sells “piece of musical art” for $ 1,000,000

On the song “Ostertag”, by Westside Gunn’s Hitler wears Hermès 8: side B, Griselda Records rapper and Syracuse, NY native Stove God Cooks has made his intentions clear for his next album. “I read your offer, that shit was disgusting,” he rapped. “I could sell my next shit for a million // Only seven copies […]

Caludia copier

The constantly evolving music of the SUD group: from blues funk to pop rock, through soul and jazz

SOUTH During their 10 years in the music scene, the SUD group experimented with various musical styles, changed their composition and released beloved hits like “Sila”, “‘Di Makatulog” and “Baliw”. Lasting as long as they’ve done so far is a milestone that members are grateful for and proud of. But what really excites them is […]

Derk lottman

Loud Market – NFT’s premier music market

Loud Market Ltd launched on November 24 the world’s first Music NFT marketplace for buying and selling music in the form of crypto assets. London, UK, November 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Loud Market Ltd launched on November 24 the world’s first Music NFT marketplace for buying and selling music in the form of crypto […]

Christian van hemert

10 great gifts for music lovers

Almost everyone has a music lover on their holiday shopping list. Finding the right gift for them can be surprisingly difficult. For example, there are literally thousands of options for wireless headphones – and not everyone wants a set of AirPods. Whether you are looking for perfectly fitting headphones, the most explosive portable bluetooth speaker, […]

Jacqueline edeling

Radiohead offers players a free musical odyssey with ‘Kid A Mnesia’

Far from the playing rhythm of a Guitar Hero complementary group pack, the party-game antics of Just dance, or the sci-fi race of Invector Avicii, Radiohead Kid A Mnesia: Exhibition offers a surprisingly visceral, albeit dark, exploration of a pioneering moment in the band’s history. It was originally designed as a mobile physical facility, but […]

Caludia copier

The first track “Lifer Music 32 Ina Clip” by artist G GR4DY will require you to play it repeatedly

The London hip-hop artist, G GR4DY never let his dream fade, despite the ups and downs of life. his track ‘Lifer Music 32 Ina Clip’ is the fruit of his perseverance. G GR4DY Hip-hop music since its inception has constantly changed. Crossing so many stages of evolution, today’s hip-hop music is very different from the […]

Jacqueline edeling

Fishnets, French kisses and fireworks: inside the Moulin Rouge! The musical | Theater

Yesou have never seen so much red velvet. Crimson sheets on the ceiling of London’s Piccadilly Theater, in front of the crystal chandeliers, the illuminated windmill, the blue jeweled elephant and the neon sign that says: Moulin Rouge. On stage, we find fishnets, ruffled skirts, sequined bustiers and extravagant feather headdresses. Everything to make you […]