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Samer Singh Dawar Talks About “Tujhe Dhunde Meri Jaan” Music Video

Bombay, April 14 (IANS): Actor Samer Singh Dawar recently filmed for a music video titled ‘Tujhe Dhunde Meri Jaan’ alongside actress Srishti Jain.

Talking about how he came on board, the actor says he’s always been interested in music videos.

“Last year I was there at a screening of one of my dear friend’s music videos and saw that I was sharing my own feelings with a few of my friends. I have always dreamed to make a music video because it’s a summarized form of a film.”

“Also, I have such an imaginative mind that I kept dreaming every time I listened to certain songs. I shared this with my friends and the next thing I knew was that it happened and I just heard two lines from this song and the one Just when this song clicked for me I strongly believe that in today’s generation we make songs that are more based on music than the songs of the past. We remember those old songs because they are so emotional,” he says.

He adds, “‘Tujhe Dhunde Meri Jaan’ had this similar feel and taste and I wanted to be part of it. Everyone who joined me became close friends. This song was supposed to be shot in Europe and they were asking for visas. They liked my suggestion to shoot in London because London is poetic, romantic and has a scenic beauty. London is where my journey started. So my journey was poetic and London came as a blessing.

Talking about filming with Srishti, the actor said, “Shooting with Srishti was an amazing experience. She is so warm and lovely, on and off screen. I also knew her before and also met several times. to repeat and understand the song and to understand the story.

“Srishti not only came with her experiences, she is much more experienced than me as she has done a few projects as a leader in terms of daily soap operas in India. I never felt like a newcomer. In fact, they made me feel so welcome.”