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Season 1 episode 1 recap, plus all the music featured in the pilot

Of Girls’ trip Amazon Prime Comedy Series Tracy Oliver Harlem follows four best friends – budding professor Camille (performed by Think like a man Meagan Good), Tye App Developer (Breastmilk‘s Jerrie Johnson), passionate singer Angie (Body‘s Shoniqua Shandai) and up-and-coming fashion designer Quinn (Empire‘s Grace Byers) – as they attempt to reach the next level in their romantic and professional aspirations in Harlem, New York.

Meagan Good, Jerrie Johnson, Shoniqua Shandai and Grace Byers during “Harlem” Season 1 Episode 1 | Sarah Shatz / Amazon Studios

“Harlem” Season 1 Episode Introduces Viewers to a Group of Ambitious Women

The first episode began with Camille (Meagan Good) teaching her Columbia students the Mosuo tribe, where women are treated more superior in households, and extending some of their tenets to what she and her friends hope in. their relationships.

She then met her eccentric boss, who let her know that she had put a word out for the aspiring professor to land a more permanent teaching position with the university.

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Afterward, viewers meet tech entrepreneur Tye (Jerrie Johnson), who told a story in which she criticized an investor for denying her an offer for the Q app of budding gay dating with the group. during a dinner.

While telling her friends about another woman she was planning to ask, Tye admitted that her type understands less complex “influencers” because she wants to stay in control.

The show also includes their romantic life as they also try to find love.

The two other friends, aspiring singer Angie (Shoniqua Shandai) and up-and-coming fashion designer Quinn (Grace Byers), live together as the latter supports her musical dreams.

During a walk with Quinn, Camille spotted her ex Ian (Tyler Lepley), whom she dumped some time before when he wanted to pursue a career in the kitchen.

The teacher hasn’t dated anyone since, although a former student has expressed interest and seems to regret her choice. She saw him again at Angie’s Open Mic that night, and the episode ended when she finally found the courage to approach her.

The pilot also highlighted the other’s love life as the desperate romantic Quinn traveled to Long Island on a date that left her stranded when he bounced with his purse. Additionally, Tye began to see a woman outside of her usual type, mostly to prove a point.

Songs featured in ‘Harlem’ Season 1 Episode 1

Nicki Minaj – “Wave Your Hand”
Opening scene

Town Girls – “Act Up”
Song Angie sings that interrupts Quinn’s phone call

UMI – “Down to earth”
Played during a flashback of Ian leaving in a cab

Cat Doja – “Juicy”
Song that Camille listens to while training

Coco Jones – “Float”
While Tye and Shayla (Claudia Logan) kiss

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TT the artist – “Every day is a celebration”
The song played at the Long Island club where Quinn and Cory (Guyviaud Joseph) meet

Fousheé – “single af”
While Camille remembered Ian’s cup

Joey Purp – “Elastic”
While Camille and Malik (Ashlee Brian) are in bed

Buddy – “Problem on Central”
When Angie got Quinn back

Marcus Meston – “Disable”
End of the episode

The 10 episodes of Harlem Season 1 is streaming on Amazon Prime.