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So what?! Music Festival Day 1 @ The Choctaw Stadium in Arlington, TX

So what?!  Music Festival Day 1 @ The Choctaw Stadium in Arlington, TX

After a break of several years, the incredible So What?! The Music Festival is back!

The So what!? The music festival is a full three day festival organized by Third String Productions, bringing together a fantastic mix of over 200 artists and a variety of musical styles under one ‘roof’.

Braving the scorching Texas heat, fans filled the stadium as the day progressed. The festival offered fans 7 stages to see the artist of their choice, with each venue having a similar theme to the artists playing there. One stage was even sponsored by local legends Bowling for Soup and showcased all the local talent Dallas had to offer, which was amazing! And as the hot day turned into a hot night, the party raged as the headliners performed.

After a long hiatus and what felt like even longer due to COVID, this festival hit us hard, and you could tell everyone loved it. Another modern twist this festival brought was a Discord server for fans, which I had never seen before. After joining to see the hype, I’m surprised it’s never been done before. Seeing fans interacting and making new friends with people who liked the same style of music or a specific artist was amazing. So hats off to Mike Ziemer and the Third String Team for introducing and handling this.

Even after such a long break, the team put on an amazing festival. The performers were at the top of their game and the venue was a fantastic choice as well. Being summer in Texas, the heat can get unbearable, so it was great to see that the stadium had plenty of shaded seating and water fountains to keep you hydrated. We would call it a victory.


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Rebecca Black

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Photo credit: Mehreen Rizvi