Jacqueline edeling

The Beatles wanted to make a Lord of the Rings musical film

Filmmaker Peter Jackson shed new light on a decades-old rumor on the internet that the Beatles failed in 1968 to make an unsuccessful attempt to adapt The Lord of the Rings books into a musical film. According to BBC, Jackson had a few conversations with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr about it during the editing of the recent documentary The Beatles: Get Back.

“What I understand is that Denis O’Dell, who was their Apple movie producer… the idea of ​​making The Lord of the Rings,” Jackson said. “When [The Beatles] went to Rishikesh and stayed in India, he spent about three months with the Maharishi in early 1968, he sent the books to the Beatles. “

Jackson speculated, based largely on conversations with McCartney – Starr “doesn’t remember much” – that because there are three books in the trilogy, O’Dell sent “a book to each of the Beatles. … to read in India. And they got excited about it. ” The film would have featured McCartney as Frodo, Starr as Sam, Lennon as Gollum and Harrison as Gandalf. And on top of that perfect cast, The Beatles wanted Stanley Kubrick – fresh from 2001: A Space Odyssey – to perform.

But Tolkien didn’t give the group the rights to the material, saying he didn’t want a pop group to bring their story to the big screen. But, said Jackson, “For a moment, [The Beatles] were seriously considering doing so in early 1968. “

The documentary The Beatles: Get Back is a three-part documentary showing the making of the band’s 1970 album, Let It Be, and also – unintentionally – the band’s disbandment. He made his Disney + debut during the Thanksgiving vacation.