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UnderGo Fest is family music

The UnderGo Fest is making a welcome return after a two-year pandemic hiatus.

Founded by Rachael Shaner and her bandmates Lulu the Giant, UnderGo Fest is a free, inclusive, family-friendly and all-local celebration of Savannah’s diverse community of musicians, visual artists and performers.

“That’s what we want is to make sure it’s not a scene full of boy bands,” Shaner said.

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Once again, UnderGo fest is partnering with Re:Purpose Savannah, a local women-led non-profit deconstruction company, with the event taking place in their lumberyard and the proceeds benefiting their ongoing work in the community. Re:Purpose Savannah deconstructs historic homes slated for demolition and salvage and salvages wood to make it affordable for people in the community who need specific materials.

“It’s not about going back and renovating,” Shaner explained. “It’s actually quite the opposite. And they are only women!

“They call it ‘femolition’.”

The UnderGo Fest returns after a two-year hiatus with all-local programming.  For more information, visit

Fun fact: The UNderGo stage was built with repurposed wood from sets from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp remake.

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The two-day festival hosts a lineup of diverse artists from multiple genres, including singer-songwriters, reggae, hip-hop and rock. The first day of the festival will feature performances by rappers Cunabear and King Bogus, reggae fusion artist Raynbird and singers Alia Torres and Susanna Kennedy.

Day two will feature singer Hollee Spring, self-proclaimed music thieves Alvin & Co., rockers Shena Verrett and The Maxines, rappers Lady Valore, Basik Lee and Clay Hodges; and psychedelic funknauts XuluProphet.

“I like when some of the artists are more experienced and some of them are newer,” Shaner said. “It’s always nice to provide a stage for people who may have never been to a festival or have so much experience. There are also people who play around town all the time and just don’t get enough credit.

UnderGo Fest also features a variety of performances apart from music. Marquis Williams, Valore and Spitfire Poetry Group will do spoken word and slam poetry. Maggie Hayes and Fridam Ali will do live art installations. Christina Giaume will give a unique movement performance on the lawn, and the high-flying dancers Stardust Pixxies will perform throughout the weekend.

“We tried to not only vary and create a representation that should already be represented in Savannah because it’s such a diverse community, but we also made sure that was reflected in the kind of performances we put on,” Shaner said.

Be sure to bring a t-shirt for the Becca Sipper-directed screenprint, and maybe some swimsuits for the slip n’ slide, which would be even longer this year.

Of course, food trucks will be on site, and the Moon River Brewing Company will provide beer, with proceeds going to Re:Purpose Savannah.

The UnderGo Fest returns after a two-year hiatus with all-local programming.  For more information, visit

“Everyone is welcome,” Shaner said of the event. “It’s definitely an inclusive space. Keep an open mind. Acknowledge Savannah’s representation and its diversity, and come with the expectation that there will be appreciation and excellent reception. It feels like a big family. »

“For everyone who comes, I hope they are ready to accept and be inspired once they leave, and recognize the diversity of Savannah’s art scene. It’s not just about tomorrow, it’s about taking what you’ve gleaned from coming into this space and applying it to your daily life.

“It may be therapeutic, I don’t know. There’s a slide, so maybe that’s just fun.


What: UnderGo Festival

When: Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Where: Re-Purpose Lumberyard, 2302 E. Gwinnett St.

No cost