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Union J ‘slightly lost touch’ after split – Up News Info

Josh Cuthbert says Union J “lost touch a bit” after their split.

The boy band – consisting of George Shelley, Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett and Jaymi Hensley – reunited on stage at the London Palladium last month for a one-off gig, and they say it was great to get back to playing with his comrades after rebuilding their bond.

Speaking to Heat magazine, the 29-year-old star said: “Afterwards we parted ways with a little loss of contact, but time has healed our relationship.”

The “Carry You” hitmakers were dropped by Epic Records following the release of their 2014 LP “You Got It All.”

Jaymi, 32, recently said: “All offers were rejected for two years, so relations started to blossom again between all of us as four.

“I first went to George, then I went to Josh, then I called JJ and said, ‘Well, you have no choice, you’re still in the contract’.”

JJ, 34, adds: “We are like four brothers. We have spent the last few days together and it is so natural.

The group was originally known as Triple J when they auditioned for ‘The X Factor’ in 2011, but changed their name when they were reunited with George, 28, on the show.

They signed to RCA Records after finishing fourth in the competition and released their first single in June 2013.

George participated in “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” and left the band in March 2016.

He was replaced by another former “X Factor” star, Stereo Kicks singer Casey Johnson, but his tenure with the band didn’t last long.

In 2018, Josh announced his departure, citing his desire to pursue “individual opportunities in entertainment and music”.

Jaymi admitted that they convinced themselves they were going to release a third album, despite being dropped by their label.

Speaking about parting ways with Epic for the first time, he said, “There has been a real change.

“We never told anyone that we were dropped by our label and we didn’t have an explanation. We didn’t talk about it, we didn’t go to new labels to try to get a new contract, so we just pretended we were still doing album #3. We mention ourselves.

George battled depression after his younger sister Harriet died of a ‘severe traumatic brain injury’ aged 21 after being hit by a car in April 2017, and later spoke of her grief in the BBC Three documentary “George Shelley: Apprenticeship”. to grieve’ .

He said: “Our dreams have been shattered. I was suffering a lot with my mental health at the time and didn’t feel like much was going on.

“I always wanted to stay friends with everyone and Jaymi and I stayed really close, I saw JJ a little bit, and Josh and I haven’t seen each other in six years.

“It’s nice to be back. But this news from the label was the defining moment. It was like the end of the road for us.

It turns out that each member of the group “suffered from clinical depression” after being thrust into the limelight.

Josh said: “There were so many times we were doing Union J that I should have liked it and I didn’t like it because my mental health was suffering. I was unhappy all the time.

Jaymi added: “I know things are huge right now on men’s mental health, but eight years ago it wasn’t. We’ve all suffered from clinical depression at some point and I had no idea what it was.