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WATCH: Jesy Nelson releases amazing new music video and song ‘BOYZ’

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Former Little Mix star Jesy Nelson has just released his first solo single, BOYZ, and with it it’s an amazing clip we just can’t get enough of.

Less than a year after leaving Little Mix, Jesy unveiled her new attitude-packed sound. According to BBC, his new song ‘BOYZ’ is based on a big single from P Diddy’s Bad Boy For Life and is said to have been delayed for several weeks so the hip-hop star could appear in the clip.

And he actually makes his appearance playing Nelson’s neighbor, who knocks on his door to complain after smashing golf balls on his property.

“Hey Jeezy, Lil Mix, whatever you call yourself these days, check it out. I live next door – the golf balls out the window? They’re not going to work,” he said.

But then he changes his tone and ends up saying, “Welcome to the neighborhood and love for you and your career.”

Jesy once described the song as an “in your face” club anthem that “you’re going to love or hate”.

The song was said to have been inspired by a “particularly painful breakup” that left Jesy wondering, “Why do I like bad boys, what’s wrong with me?” Why am I attracted to someone who looks mean?

The track also includes an assist from Nicki Minaj and of course she is featured in the video. Minaj previously collaborated with Little Mix on the 2018 song “Woman Like Me”.

Speaking to her Instagram account, Nicki Minaj wrote: “By the way, Jesy Nelson is really great in real life. So adorable. I love him so much.”

You can check out the full video here: