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Watch Now: Eric Church Celebrates Musical Reunion at Rock Arena Concert | Local

In most shows, that would have been recall time. But Church got back on stage, worked with the band for a few minutes, then ended the 2.5-hour show with the anthem “The Outsiders” and a pair of songs from “Mr. Misunderstood,” the album. 2015 where Church truly found her place, perfecting her heavy rock mix of rock ‘n’ roll and country.

By definition, a 28 song show is going to be sort of a career key and Church’s ensemble – they differ with each show – included her first hit, “How ‘Bout You” from 2006 (key lyrics “I like my country rockin ‘”), and songs from last year’s” Soul “including” Rock’ n ‘Roll Found Me, “a soulful number that references” Light My Fire “and” Ode to Billy Joe. “.

But Church clearly wanted to present “Mr. Misunderstood,” doing six of the album’s 10 songs, including the track he names Ray Wylie Hubbard on, Elvis Costello and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy – a trio that, shall we say, no It’s probably not on most of these playlists at the arena on Friday.

He’s done almost as many songs – five – of 2014’s “The Outsiders”, including the opening “That’s Damn Rock ‘n’ Roll”. If you notice a theme here, it’s because with the notable exception of a few songs that a banjo made an appearance on and its pair “Stick That in Your Country Song” and “Country Music Jesus”, it’s was kind of a rock show, and a good one at that.