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Weekend music releases feature contrasting light and dark imagery | Lifestyles

Many of the artists featured on this weekend’s new music playlist have incorporated imagery of light and dark into their releases, exploring themes of passion, euphoria and heartbreak.

Charlie Puth’s “Light Switch” is a groovy and upbeat single off his upcoming third album, “Charlie.” He details his desire and attraction for someone he’s interested in with simplistic, banal lyrics like “You turn me on like a switch.” The song even includes the sound of a switch to bring the imagery home. However, the lyrics also imply that his lover leaves him in the dark to some degree, revealed by more savory lyrics like “Why you always wanna act like lovers? / But you never wanna be each other and “Do you like it when you make me guess?”

In collaboration with electronic artist HAAi and Romy des xx, Fred Again released the single “Lights Out”, which has a heavily electronic beat that is sure to get everyone on their feet. The song perfectly captures and conveys the energy of a large crowd dancing together in a club and the carefree, euphoric environment of such a moment. The lyrics “dancing with the lights off” are repeated several times throughout the song, illustrating an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable enough to express themselves and have fun without worrying about how they are perceived by others. his gang.

Sophie and the Giants and Purple Disco Machine use the concept of darkness to convey the emptiness that accompanies a broken heart with their song “In the Dark”. Vocalist Sophie Scott’s voice rises above prominent electronic beats and funky riffs. “I was left in the dark, standing cold in the night / Memories of your taste, I hung on,” Scott sings. The repeated questions of “Am I sinking?” and “Should my heart surrender?” during the song’s outro, emphasize the singer’s predicament – still loving someone who has hurt her.

Australian singer Cody Johnson joins Galantis and DVBBS for their song “When The Lights Go Down”, which conveys some of the same passion Puth tried to communicate with his song, and some of the euphoric emotion of Fred Again. A mix of electronic and hard-hitting sounds keeps the tempo going as Johnson details the light that exists even in the darkest of times. He sings that he will keep the fire alive and that he and his lover’s flames will possess the night, even “when the lights go out”.

Even the title of NileaIron Yanya’s song “Midnight Sun” contrasts images of light and dark. It’s much smoother than most other New Music Friday selections, with a slow, repetitive drum accompaniment and a tender vocal. Yanya’s song is about finding a light to guide you through darkness and seems like a hymn celebrating perseverance, resistance and freedom.

This week’s new music releases will leave listeners reflecting on some of life’s most painful and happiest moments, whether it’s the emotions of heartache or the carefree euphoria of letting go. go with his friends.