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Where’s Lauren DeWise’s roommate today? Update

Discovery’s ” surveyThe Murder Tapes: Footprints in the Snow ”explores the murder of Lauren DeWise at the hands of her ex-husband, Joseph. Lauren was found dead in her bedroom, but another person was injured in the incident. It was Lauren’s roommate, Ashley Van Hemert. She was shot several times and was stranded for hours to get help. However, she has made a miraculous recovery since then. Wondering where she could be now? Here’s everything we know!

Who is Ashley Van Hemert?

Ashley is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She graduated from Sioux Falls Christian School in 2004, where she was also a talented athlete. People who know Ashley have described her as competitive and determined, with a formidable fighting spirit. After high school, Ashley worked in Sioux Falls for a time before teaching skiing and snowboarding at a military base in Germany. Ashley loved the snow and the mountains and as a result moved to Montana about nine years before the tragic incident.

Image Credit: Pray For Ashley / Facebook

Ashley also worked as a certified nursing assistant and volunteered at the local church. Her ordeal began on January 7, 2018. Ashley was shot four times – one to the back of the head, one to the right shoulder and two to the back. She had a fractured shoulder, broken ribs, a broken arm, and a punctured lung. Doctors considered her extremely lucky given the position of the bullet in her carotid artery. If he had been further inside or outside, she would have bled to death.

She grew up in a staunch Christian family, and her family felt that her survival was, in large measure, a miracle from God. But Ashley’s road to recovery has not been easy. She had a stroke and brain swelling and had to undergo three surgeries after the shooting. She spent about three weeks in intensive care and had a long rehabilitation period ahead of her.

But Ashley never gave up. She worked on her recovery and even testified at Joseph DeWise’s trial. She recounted how she lost her peripheral vision on the left side and learned to live using only her right arm. His testimony played a key role in Joseph’s eventual conviction. Ashley also had to relearn basic skills like walking and holding objects. She had to use an external device to help her walk, but she continued to struggle and recover.

Where is Ashley Van Hemert now?

Ashley said faith was a big part of her recovery. It had also helped her forgive Joseph for his actions. She told the court: “Mr. DeWise, thanks for watching me. It is to my soul what you have done to me. Ashley also gave Joseph a bible and a poem. Ashley said she didn’t want Joseph to die in prison. She hoped that once he was no longer seen as a threat, he would be transferred to a nursing home or something similar.

Image Credit: Ashley Van Hemert / Facebook

Ashley has been trying to feel better physically since then. According to her Facebook profile, she seems to live in Bozeman, Montana, and prefers spending time with family and pet dog. She seems to start doing the things she loves again. A Facebook page called Pray For Ashley posts regular updates on the progress she’s made in her recovery.

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